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About BBP Method™ Research Institute

Based on American Chiropractic Association research, 80% of people in America had experienced back pain at some point of their life. The little unseen pain which breaks spine stability, because in fact the spine is for stability not mobility.

BBP Method™ is the NON-DRUGS holistic solution for back pain sufferers made in collaboration with chiropractors, doctors, physiotherapists, and yoga experts

If you are focusing on your pain, it will increase or even eat up all your thoughts and surround your mind with negative energy. 

This non-drugs holistic solution repairs the lacking elements and alleviates the pain. In the end, you will see How BBP Method™ Will Do The Magic to Your Back Pain.

Meet The Coaches

Introducing our Coaches

Psychology Counselor -Yoga Guru - Former Martial Art - Soccer Athlette and Fitness Trainer - Model - and Back Pain Survivor

Alex Trax

Host Counsellor

BBP Method™ practitioner who has unique non-drugs and holistic solutions to avoid and heal backpain. Anti-painkillers and fans of natural methodology. 


Yoga Guru

I'm a yoga enthusiast and I have been professionally doing yoga for more than 5 years. All the things you've gone through will be solved with BBP Method™.

Kelly Benamati


Up to today I've held a number of roles, from counseling women with addiction issues. I am also an author of four books sold on Amazon covering the topic of life, marriage, and family

Get Your Program TODAY

(available for a limited time)

Your Back Relief Fast Track Program is Step-by-step Mindmap Showing You... 

  • Discover the quick way to get the freedom to sit, stand, and move without pain

  • How to effortlessly drive for more than 30 minutes without always being conscious of maintaining proper posture and still feel comfortable

  • The Real SECRET for how to be more focused on things other than your back pain and refresh the mind from negative thoughts

  • STOP wasting money on big amount of painkillers and expensive treatment from doctors

  • The way to make you just enjoy the job you like, watch live show or concert without back aches

  • And More!

Get Your Program TODAY

(available for a limited time)