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How to Build Your Posture, Core Strength, and Healthy Habit in 5 weeks

Enjoy the Job You Like and Discover Little Pointers That Will Break you FREE Forever from Back Stiffness or Pain 


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Healing Back Pain Don't Start from The Back

You've been told that you need painkillers, expensive therapies, lengthy hard exercises even expensive surgery to heal back pain. Well, those are old-school solutions. You've never been told to NOT START from where the pain is! 

BBP Method™ is Different!

BBP Method™ is the NON-DRUGS Holistic solution that heals your back pain by fixing the base point of the pain. 

Made in collaboration with chiropractors, doctors, physiotherapists, and yoga experts. This non-drugs holistic solution repairs the lacking elements root/cause so the BBP Method™ alleviates the pain.  

In the end, you will see How BBP Method™ Will Do The Magic to Your Back Pain.  

Meet The Coaches

Owen Benito — Former Martial Art Instructor

Alejandro Pelayo — Fitness Trainer and Athlete

Kelly Benamati - Psychology Expert

My name is Kelly Benamati. Using holistic approach, I have been able to continuously help my clients out from the overwhelming stress that they suffer from by highly focusing on healing and wellness in a unique way.

Mansi Puri - Yoga Guru from the Origin

My name is Mansi Puri. Living as a Yoga Guru for 4 years, I've learned that back pain doesn't always come from the spine. Do you know that It has several factors that cause the pain?

Ana Pinder - Yoga Expert

My name is Ana Pinder. I’ve spent the last 10 years learning everything there is to know about the yoga expertise. After earning my professional practitioner certification from Bodhi Tree Yoga in 2008. 

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Let's Do A Comparison of Other Mainstream Methods with BBP Method™

Your Back Relief Fast Track Program is Showing You... 

  • Discover the quick way to get the freedom to sit, stand, and move without pain

  • How to effortlessly drive for more than 30 minutes without always being conscious of maintaining proper posture and still feel comfortable

  • The Real SECRET for how to be more focused on things other than your back pain and refresh the mind from negative thoughts

  • STOP wasting money on big amount of painkillers and expensive treatment from doctors

  • The way to make you just enjoy the job you like, watch live show or concert without back aches

  • And More!

Some of What You'll Learn

How to Ease Back Pain with Tips That is Actually Works

How to Sit, Stand, Drive Effortlessly in A Comfortable and Healthy Way

Get Informed about How to Break The Habits That Worsen Your Back Pain

and that's not all, you're going to discover more things later on. So, what are you waiting for? Claim Yours Now!

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